Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What is Math?

What is Math?

When the general discussion of Mathematics gets started, which is always the case when peers ask me what my major is, the result quite often follows the same routine: "Oh, so you must be really good at multiplying and adding?" No, I am not a calculator. This usually goes on for several minutes before I mention studies in Abstract Algebra like Group theory or Ring theory. Math is much more than just numbers, it can be used theoretically to answer some of worlds most unexplainable phenomenon. We are in the age of information where researchers and engineers are making breakthroughs everyday using advanced computes powered by mathematical formulas and theories. From the first recipes using quantitative measurements, to the millions of lines of code in a program to predict weather, math has evolved to shape civilization and the way we see the world around us.

Mathematics can be seen everywhere in everyday life, even back to the stone age. For example, humans were probably using algebra before it had an official name. How many deer must we kill in order to feed the clan of 100 members for one week when each person eats one-eighth of a deer a week. The advancement of Algebra made it possible to predict, plan, and concur the extreme living conditions of early man. On the other hand, some of mans greatest accomplishments were possible because of Geometry. Pyramids can be found all over the world and the great pyramids in Egypt required more geometry and algebra than meets the eye. Without Calculus, Physics and advanced Statistics would not be possible. Each milestone is similar to a building block. Down the timeline, each block is built upon another supporting the overall structure. Like our human civilization, mathematics will continue to grow and evolve.

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