Sunday, November 15, 2015

Euler's Number e

In conclusion, the discovery of this mysterious number certainly raised more questions than it answered. After Euler's discovery, e started popping out everywhere and over the next few hundred years became the foundation for several applications in probability. We see the biggest impact in the finance industry. Brokers use algorithims involving e to make their clients rich, banks use it to determine your interest, and insurance companies use it to set your premiums. All in all, since the world revolves around money and one's ability to acquire it, e is basically big brother of the root of all evil.


  1. I like that you gave a brief history on where Euler's number came from and some of its applications. I think that if you wanted to expand on it you could explain more in detail what the importance of this number and other uses, where it shows up in geometry.

  2. (Content note) Take some other number, like 2 for instance. 2^k for some k = e, so we could use any number as a base for things. What makes us use e instead, with its mysterious provenance and transcendental secrets? To be an exemplar, you'd also want some consolidation. I feel like this one begs the so what? What does this amazing number tell us about math? Or your impressions from it.
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